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You’ve made it this far! I’ve got a good feeling about you. In the next step, you will fill out an application for credit to find out what sort of loan you qualify for. Bankruptcy does not automatically disqualify you for a loan. We go over each application with our pool of lenders, and decide what we can offer you. Please, click continue to fill out an application, and you will be taken to our online application. Otherwise, you may exit to the main site at this time. This concludes our introduction to If you are qualified you will be contacted ASAP with further details, and your next steps. Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!

It looks like you’re serious about re-establishing your credit, and so are we. The first step is employment. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but we’ve found that steady employment making at least $2,000/mo is essential for maintaining consistent car payments. Paying your car note on time every month is vital to rebuilding your credit and qualifying for lower interest rates. If you don’t make a minimum of $2000/mo gross(before taxes) this probably isn’t the program for you, but keep in mind that many traditional dealerships will sell you a car anyway, which can ultimately lead to lowering your credit scores and increasing your interest rates, if you can’t keep up with the payments. If you’re still interested in our program and make at least $2,000/mo, please click continue. Otherwise, you may exit to the main site.


HELLO! First, I want to welcome you to my site, but before we go too much further I need to let you know that we are not your typical dealership. is engineered to help you reestablish your credit whereas most dealerships are only concerned with getting the highest possible profit from your purchase with little regard for your existing financial responsibilities. We feel like we’re most successful when we help you purchase a reliable, low mileage vehicle and easily make your payments on time. If this sounds good to you, please click continue to get more information. You can exit our introduction at anytime by clicking main at the bottom of this and every other page.
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